Born and raised in the island of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pastrana grew up immersed in the "jibaro" music, playing the national instrument "el cuatro”. His first steps in music started at the age of 10 when he entered the prestigious Dr. Francisco López Cruz Foundation. Upon graduating from the institution he was immediately accepted into the institution’s orchestra, composed solely of distinguished alumni. His professional music career started during his college years, as a member of the Conjunto Criollo UPR, under the direction of renowned cuatro player Orlando Laureano. This exposure led him to performances and share stage with Ángel Luis Torruellas, Andy Montañez, Hector Rodriguez “Atabal”, Gary Nuñez, Christian Nieves, Eduardo and Ricardo Villanueva, Casiano Betancourt, among others

Pedro’s passion for discovery got him to move out his native Puerto Rico and travel different countries allowing him to explore other musical cultures. These experiences added more vocabulary to his musical dictionary, and helped him develop a keen instinct for connecting with musicians at the most fundamental level of “let’s just play and see what happens”.

Pedro now lives in San Francisco CA, constantly playing at different clubs and venues working with some of the most established musicians around like, John Santos, Edgardo Cambón, Karl Perazzo (from Santana), Jose Roberto Hernandez, Charlie Gurke. At the same time has had the opportunity to perform or record with Hector “Tito” Matos, Jesus Cepeda, Jerry Medina, Juango Gutierrez, Orestes Vilató, Jimmy Bosh, Jackeline Rago, Doug Beavers, Edgar Pantoja, among others.

After years as a sideman, all of these collaborations have been the spark for his debut album. An original project currently on the works fusing all of his influences into one story. With a passion for genre bending rooted in folk music, Pedro brings his dynamism and shows the versatility of the instrument in popular and world music.