Pedro's commitment of bringing Puerto Rican folk music knowledge to the public, as well as his love for story telling, allows him to provide lectures and workshops targeted to audiences in an engaging manner. If you are interested in having Pedro as a guest artist and/or lecturer please see contact section.

Possible Topics

  • Puerto Rican folk music history and evolution

  • Puerto Rican Cuatro history and evolution (See It’s a Cuatro)

  • Cuatro playing styles

  • Instrument techinique

  • Cuatro as a tool for composition

  • Décima writing and rhyming

Invited by John Santos, Pedro Pastrana, showcased different styles of the island's music. Ranging from traditional Danzas, Guarachas, Aguinaldos, as well as jazz influenced original compositions. This event was sponsored by the Museum of African Diaspora in alliance with the Smithsonian Institution, SFJazz, and Yerba Buena Gardens.